In It Together seeks to raise awareness of mental health within the salon environment.


There is evidence linking the physiological connection between looking good and feeling good. Studies show that when you feel good it enhances your confidence, which improves overall mental health and wellbeing. 


It is suggested that due to the emotional detachment between a client and hairdresser, people often feel comfortable talking about their issues and problems.


“Everybody has the right to feel good about themselves and often this is connected to having your hair done. If someones mental health is preventing them from visiting a salon then we need to address the situation and create safe, welcoming spaces that everyone can visit. We’ve been touched by mental health issues ourselves. Family, friends, team members and clients - it affects everyone. We want to do something that let's those suffering know they can come to us and we’ll offer them an island of escapism”

Founders of In It Together, Vincent and Karen Bell of 

Vincent Bell Hairdressing, Edinburgh